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Storms Cause Damage Across Georgia

January 30, 2013

Storms have caused widespread damage across the state.  A tornado touched down in Adairsville destroying parts of the Daiki plant and flipped 100 cars on I-75.  The tornado shut down I-75 for a few hours as crews removed debris and flipped cars.  Unfortunately, the storm also took the life of a man in Adairsville.

In Gordon County, eight people were injured as trees and power lines fell around Calhoun.   You can read the other damage reports here:

We are very fortunate to have only lost one person in the weather today.  The destruction in Adairsville is extensive where there were reports of people being tossed around in their cars.

This storm system is a reminder that parts of Georgia are in the crosshairs of “Dixie Alley”.  We all need to prepare for severe weather events as they can strike at any time throughout the year.  Having an emergency plan for your family can help save lives.  A weather radio with S.A.M.E. will allow you to receive weather alarms for individual counties instead of receiving alarms for areas that do not affect you.  For example, when my weather radio sounds an alarm, my family knows that the alarm is for somewhere close by instead of 30 miles across the county.  My family knows to listen to the alarm and to seek shelter in the “tornado closet”.  Having a plan this simple can mean the difference between life and death.  These radios are very inexpensive to purchase online, here is one for less than $25 dollars.


Tornadoes Hit Georgia

January 30, 2013

We might be in January but we are seeing a tornadic storm system move through Georgia today.  These storms are moving to the northeast at 60mph.  We have the warnings posted live on our website at:

If you are in a warned area, you need to seek shelter.  These tornadoes have already caused damage in Floyd County and damage reports continue to come in.  The tornadoes may be rain wrapped and you may not see the typical funnel cloud formation.  Do not go outside to look for these tornadoes because you will not see them.

Hurricane Isaac | Tornado Threat

August 27, 2012

Hurricane Isaac is expected to make landfall near New Orleans, LA within 36 hours. Here in Georgia we can expect some of the extended bands from the storm to cause localized flooding and a chance for isolated tornadoes. Currently we are keeping an eye on south Georgia as the bands are passing through that area first. The tornadoes will likely be small spin-ups instead of the wide tornadoes that we typically see in Georgia. As the Gulf coast awaits Isaac we will monitor the effects felt in Georgia.