Georgia Tornadoes

Tornadoes occur in Georgia every year with most occurring in the  late spring and early summer months.  Warm air from the Gulf of Mexico collides with cooler air which can spawn tornadoes at any given time of the year which complicates the official “tornado season”.  Georgia is considered part of the “Dixie Alley” which is known for strong, long running tornadoes in the Southeast.  Tornadoes kill more people in the “Dixie Alley” than out west because of dense populations and inadequate storm shelters in homes.   Tornadoes in can strike with very little warning and many of them are wrapped in rain which hide their trademark funnel cloud.

In February 2008, people were thrown of guard by an early season tornado outbreak.  Fifty-seven people were killed across four states and 18 counties, with hundreds of others injured.  There were 87 reported tornadoes that were spawned over a two day span.

A tornado myth states that a tornado will never touch down in an urban area.  This myth was busted in March 14, 2008 when a EF2 tornado suddenly struck downtown Atlanta at 9:26 PM.  The tornado caused extensive damage to CNN Center, Phillips Arena, Centennial Olympic Park, and the Georgia Dome.  One person was killed downtown along with 30 others injured.  The very next day, the tornado outbreak continued and killed 2 others in Atlanta suburbs.Atlanta Tornado Map

Tornadoes across Georgia and the Southeast occur each year and cause millions of dollars in damage.  If you live in Georgia, you need to have a working weather radio that can keep you informed of impending violent storms.