Hurricane Isaac | Tornado Threat

August 27, 2012

Hurricane Isaac is expected to make landfall near New Orleans, LA within 36 hours. Here in Georgia we can expect some of the extended bands from the storm to cause localized flooding and a chance for isolated tornadoes. Currently we are keeping an eye on south Georgia as the bands are passing through that area first. The tornadoes will likely be small spin-ups instead of the wide tornadoes that we typically see in Georgia. As the Gulf coast awaits Isaac we will monitor the effects felt in Georgia.

Strong Storms To Impact South and Central Georgia Today

June 5, 2012

Locally damaging thunderstorms will continue to affect portions of central and southern Georgia into northern Florida into the evening hours.

The storms bring the potential for high winds, flash flooding, hail and even a couple of tornadoes.

Most of the storms will be bounded by I-16 to the north and I-10 to the south.

The storms have had a history of producing large hail including up to the size of baseballs near Glennville, Ga. and to the size of golfballs in Mendes, Aily and Vadalia, Ga. during the afternoon.

A series of disturbances continues to move eastward along a stalled frontal zone near the northern Gulf Coast this week.

The latest such disturbance was causing a pulse of storms this afternoon and evening over part of the southern Atlantic Seaboard to the northeastern shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

Additional rounds of heavy, gusty storms are forecast along the northern Gulf Coast region to the southern Atlantic Seaboard through the end of the week.

While southerners are no strangers to heavy summer weather storms, people are urged to keep an eye out for rapidly changing weather conditions and to seek shelter as storms approach.

A few locations will be hit by multiple storms over the next few hours and over the next few days. While rainfall is needed in much of the zone being impacted by the storms, some locations can get too much rain too fast, leading to flash and urban flooding.

Potential For Severe Weather This Week

April 3, 2012

As we saw today, the Dallas, TX area was hit with several powerful tornadoes.  Video footage of semi trucks being hurled through the air filled news coverage throughout the day.  The same storm system is approaching Georgia and should arrive Wednesday into Thursday.  We will watch this storm system and keep an eye on the NWS Storm Prediction Center. In the meantime, go ahead and find your flashlight and make sure your weather radio is working properly. I will post more as the storm system approaches.