Tornado Safety

Tornadoes can spawn very with little warning so it best to have a safety plan already in place.  You should discuss emergency plans with your family and have a dedicated area for meeting if a tornado were to hit your home.  If you live in a multi-story building it is best to seek shelter on the first floor away from windows and doors.  An interior closet or interior bathroom will be the safest place to go in the event of a tornado.  The absolute best place is an interior bathroom inside the bathtub with a couch cushion on top.  If you have a bicycle helmet or a motorcycle helmet handy then put it on to protect your head.  Flying debris and falling objects are the number one killer of a tornado.

Inside your storm shelter room, you need to have a flashlight with fresh batteries, a portable weather radio, canned food, bottled water, can opener, and old quilts and blankets for covering yourself.  In Georgia, tornadoes are more likely to strike at night so it best to have a weather radio to alert you of an approaching severe storm.

If you are outside when a tornado strikes, seek shelter in a low lying area such as a ditch or storm drain.  This also goes for people that are in a vehicle and find themselves starring at a tornado.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OUTRUN A TORNADO!  I don’t think I can emphasize that enough.  Tornadoes can change direction without warning and you might find yourself heading directly into it.  Do not get under a bridge or an underpass.  Flying debris in a violent tornado can hit you as you wait out the storm under a bridge.

If you live in a mobile home, you need to get out of it and get in a low lying ditch or a nearby house.  This also applies RVs, trailers, and any other manufactured housing.  Even a weak EF0 and rip apart a mobile home.  If you are at an RV camp then seek shelter at the central bathhouse.